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Image Encryption

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Image Encryption


busy (view profile)


This GUI does the Image Encryption of any RGB, Gray image of different formats.

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File Information

This GUI does the Image Encryption of any RGB, Gray image of different formats. The code also generates the Key.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)
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Comments and Ratings (33)
09 Feb 2017 karam abdalazize

i need this code plz

07 Feb 2017 karam alhadithi

Pls I need this code

12 Jan 2017 Mikhail

Mikhail (view profile)

To all of you wondering, that's a xor "encryption".

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29 Oct 2016 ismail maolood

can you tell me name of the algorithm?

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07 Sep 2016 chandra prakash singar

pls provide code of aes algorithm for image encryption

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01 Jul 2016 Selva Karna

i will check and reply you

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19 Apr 2016 Lakshminarayana Chitthode

15 Feb 2016 marwan madani

please name the algorithm

30 Jul 2015 shruti gupta

i am working on image encryption by using elliptic curve, and i am getting some problems to decrypt it.
i am getting wrong decryption if the chosen base point and encrypted point(cipher point)are coming equal, with some private key.
but if i change private key , then i get right decryption.

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22 Jun 2015 saurabh singh

which algorithm is used?

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28 Feb 2015 vasuki ravulacheruvu

sir/madam, I got errors while running keygeneration and image process how can I resolve it

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22 Feb 2015 sathya ram

30 Jan 2015 elsa sabu

26 Dec 2014 AKILESH

Can anybody please help me how to give inputs and how to obtain output?

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25 Nov 2014 Neethu

Neethu (view profile)


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19 Aug 2014 hariharan mahalingam


27 Jul 2014 ATHIRA

ATHIRA (view profile)

Sir can you name this algorithm?
From where i can get the references for this algorithm?

Comment only
03 Feb 2014 Abdulaziz

Can u plz name the algorithm
u used for the encryption
e.g AES or DES ... etc

Comment only
09 Nov 2013 Guru Hari

Can u gv me code for generating secret code key for image rarly as possinle.....itsss verry urgent

Comment only
31 Oct 2013 Tallha Akram

29 Oct 2013 Elysi Cochin

sir please can you name this algorithm....

22 Jan 2013 Hamza Fadhel

first you need a to run the m file and carefully reed the script,

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16 Jan 2013 Solomon Livingston

How to excecute the Code

11 Dec 2012 Hamza Fadhel

thanks . the algorithm is "key generation"

18 Apr 2012 marwan

marwan (view profile)

27 Mar 2012 shravan

please name the algorithm

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25 Mar 2012 Yue Wu

Yue Wu (view profile)

Is the implemented cipher has been published somewhere? I am interested in reading its full paper.

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21 Mar 2012 New Horizons

Can u define the algorithm which u have used

26 Jan 2012 sira

sira (view profile)

how to execute this coding with an image

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12 Dec 2011 Rocky A

Thank you ^^

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12 Sep 2011 Mr Smart

05 Apr 2011 ahssan ahmed

plz name of the algorithm

Comment only
22 Feb 2011 muna majeed

thanks for this program, and i want to ask about the name of this encryption

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