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Active contour platform


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Active contour platform



26 May 2010 (Updated )

Compare the performance of different level sets and active contours methods.

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Free open source software in Matlab for the evaluation of the performance of different level-set based algorithms in the context of image segmentation. The platform gives access to the implementation of six level-set methods that have been chosen in order to cover a wide range of data attachment terms (contour, region and localised approaches). The software also gives the possibility to compare the performance of the proposed algorithms on any kind of images. The performance can be evaluated either visually, or from similarity measurements between a reference and the results of the segmentation.

1.) Download
2.) Unzip
3.) Run >>creaseg

See this site for experiments, videos, and more information on creaseg project:

MATLAB release MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)
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13 May 2014 Dark  
08 May 2014 Mohamed  
28 Feb 2013 olivier bernard

Hi Gregoris,

Thanks for your interest in creaseg. In order to obtain the binary mask of the segmentation result, you just have to save the result as a mat file thanks to the menu bar and then threshold the level set result putting to 1 all the values lower than 0 and to 0 all the values higher than 0.

Best regards,

26 Feb 2013 Gregoris

Hi Oliver,

Great program. Is there any simple way to export only the segmentation mask (black and white image) so i can use it for further processing?

Tank you

15 Apr 2012 Siro

Hi Olivier,
when trying to open an image () the following messages come up:

Error using MException/rethrow
RETHROW can only throw a previously caught exception.

Error in matlab.ui.internal.dialog.FileSystemChooser/PathParser (line 86)

Error in matlab.ui.internal.dialog.FileSystemChooser/set.InitialPathName (line 31)
iPath = PathParser(obj,iPath);

Error in uigetputfile_helper (line 50)
ufd.InitialPathName = dialog_pathname;

Error in uigetfile (line 128)
[filename, pathname, filterindex] = uigetputfile_helper(0, varargin{:});

Error in creaseg_loadimage (line 104)
[fname,pname] = uigetfile('*.png;*.jpg;*.pgm;*.bmp;*.gif;*.tif;*.dcm;','Pick a

Error while evaluating uimenu Callback

I use Matlab R2011b: it's maybe the cause? Ty a lot

04 Feb 2012 Danelle  
18 Jan 2012 Javier

Or maybe the fault are of the parameters? I'm using the default ones.

18 Jan 2012 Javier

Hi Olivier,

Thank you for sharing your excellent platform. I'm using the Shi's method in medical images. The problem is that my initial contour is always defined as a circle of radius 5 pixels with a detected center, to be automatic. But sometimes the anatomic part that I want to segment is very homogeneous, as the surrounded tissue and the level set goes and never stops. Is there a way I can make a particular contrast to every detection in order to improve the segmentation with Shi's?

Thank you very much!

03 Jan 2012 Jaejin Hwang

Hello, is there way we can manually edit contour after running methods? Thanks.

08 Dec 2011 Olivier

Hi lukai,

Thanks for your interest in creaseg. The reason why we force the image to be in gray level is that this project comes from a medical context where must of the image are not represented in the color space.

08 Dec 2011 lukai xu

Hi olivier:
I'm very interested in your this little program.It's great!But I have a question to ask you Why make the original image transformed to gray image? thanks

13 Sep 2011 bmv

Several proposals to improve the functionality:
Support for input type double and single. In particular, after I removed or changed in the creaseg_bernard.m the following lines:
display = false;
% Img = im2graydouble (img);
% Fig = findobj (0, 'tag', 'creaseg');
% Ud = get (fig, 'userdata');
% Set (ud.txtInfo1, 'string', sprintf ('iteration:% d', its), 'color', [1 1 0]);
% ShowCurveAndPhi (phi, ud, color);
% Drawnow;
% Set (ud.txtInfo1, 'string', sprintf ('iteration:% d', its), 'color', [1 1 0]);
% Drawnow;
% ShowCurveAndPhi (phi, ud, color);
нour function has easily processed my data.

This problem can be solved in the following ways:
1) In the functions to check input data type.
2) In the GUI to implement support for loading images from a mat-file, or variables from workspace.

13 Sep 2011 bmv  
13 Sep 2011 olivier bernard

Hi x :)
The new update of Creaseg has fixed that problem that appears with some matlab versions.

Moreover now there is no need to have a spline toolbox for contour interpolation.

Olivier Bernard

29 Jul 2011 x

When I run creaseg, following error message comes up:
??? Operands to the || and && operators must be convertible to logical scalar values.

Error in ==> creaseg_gui at 103
if ( (length(a(i).Version)>3) || (a(i).Version >= '7.6') )

Error in ==> creaseg at 106

Please let me know what's the problem and how to resolve. Thanks!

03 Nov 2010 olivier bernard

Hi Siyi. Thanks for your interest in Creaseg. We've just updated a new version of creaseg that deals with the reported bugs and without the need of the spline toolbox.
Best regards
Olivier Bernard

12 Oct 2010 Siyi Deng

Neat GUI tool, very helpful for developing image segmentation algorithms. Howerver it seems to give red error messages sometimes, maybe because I abused it? lol. Also seems to require the spline toolbox?

12 Oct 2010 Siyi Deng  
21 Jul 2010 inhwan song

Thank you for your matlab source codes ^^
I really really appreciate you
I have a question~
Do you know..If I modify your source code (level set => multiphase level set), How many things change?
Would you give me some idea??

18 Jun 2010

* Better deal with initialisation drawing
* Better deal with reference drawing

11 Oct 2010

fix a bug concerning the matlab version checking

02 Nov 2010

The bugs mostly concerning the version tests are fixed.

02 Nov 2010

Now you don't need any spline toolbox

12 Sep 2011

- now no need of any spline toolbox
- correct some bugs that appear with new version of matlab

12 Sep 2012

Updated to include an app file for R2012B

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