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Apply a function to a specific field of a structure

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This function searches in a structure, and applies a function to all occurrences of a field.



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This function searches in the fields of a structure, and applies a given function to all occurrences of a specific field.

© September 30th, 2009, By Reza Farrahi Moghaddam, Synchromedia Lab, ETS, Montreal, Canada

temp_structure = apply_func_on_all_fields_with_name(temp_structure, field_name, func_id, data_bag);
temp_structure: The input structure
field_name: The target field name
func_id: The function that will be applied to the target fields
data_bag: (optional) A basket/bag to pass the parameters to the func_id
temp_structure: The output structure

Below, an example is provided.
sample_struct.check = 5;
sample_struct.level.check = 4;
sample_struct.level.other = 'a';
sample_struct.level.another.test = 7;
sample_struct.level.another.check = -2;
% apply the 'sqrt' function to the 'check' fields of the structure
sample_struct = apply_func_on_all_fields_with_name(sample_struct, 'check', @sqrt);

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MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b)

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