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Simulation of Cascade PID Control and Model Predictive Control for a gas separation plant

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Simulation of control in a gas separator process by membrane separation.



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In this demo, control object (plant) is gas separator. Control Performance of Cascade PID control and Model Predictive Control are compared .
This demo shows following contents.
[1] Plant modeling
Governing rules of the plant are assumed and modeled on a formula basis. The governing rules are derived from mass balance equation and ideal gas equation.
[2] System identification
Identify parametric model from plant input and output response in time domain.
[3] Control system design (PID control, Model Predictive Control)
Design of PID control for the inner control system, and cascade PID control and Model Predictive Control for the outer control system. The control object is the above parametric model.
[4] Evaluation of Control System
Performance of designed control system is evaluated in some diagram. Validity of Model Predictive Control is confirmed in this example for multi-inputs multi-outputs system.
Plant model and control system in this example can be created in MATLAB&Simulink and simulated. Logics of MATLAB&Simulink can be changed and extended as a more detailed model, and improved gradually, a larger system can be constructed. It is also possible to embed experimental equation or table format if processes are difficult to equate theoretically. Efficient and intuitive modeling is possible in Simulink’s graphical environment.

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I reccomend to add to the code "samexaxis (nice subplots with same x axis)" by Aslak Grinsted, which works well and results in nicer graphs



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MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)

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