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Sliding model observer based Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

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The simulink model for sensorless PMSM was provided with the help of sliding model observer (SMO)

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Permanent Magnet synchronous motor was modeled with the help of vector control technique and it was also made sensorless based on sliding model observer (SMO). controller parameters are given after tuning it with conventional gradient descent method.

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I am not able to get the right results. The speed is not at all stable and not 1000 rpm. The currents are not sinusoidal...speed is negative..
help me plz

poornima v

my system is showing model error....the blocks used to create bus signals diagnostics are not configured to error. To prevent error open upgrade adviser..
this is what they are showing..and after i clicked the link....nothings using 2015 matlab...plzz help..urgent,,

Nishant Verma

I am not able to get the right results. The speed is not at all stable and not 1000 rpm. The currents are not sinusoidal

khánh công

hello. I have the problem like nandita ch, can you help me fix it. thanks alot.

Can you provide the reference for this sensorless control model

Michael Veidt


Is there any solution to the question of nadita ch. Because I do have the same problem.

zia kansi

ohhh...its okay ..i got it..hahhaha

zia kansi

hello..i would like to ask a very basic question. In this schematic diagram you feedback the inverter output currents..but i think we should feedback the ipmsm phase currents rather than the inverter..plz would you like to tell me about it..thanks


yang (view profile)

help for me!

nandita ch

While running the simulation, the following error message is shown:
"At time 2.4999992682880994E-5, simulation hits (1000) consecutive zero crossings. Consecutive zero crossings will slow down the simulation or cause the simulation to hang. To continue the simulation, you may 1) Try using Adaptive zero-crossing detection algorithm or 2) Disable the zero crossing of the blocks shown in the following table:"

Could you please explain the solution and cause of this error?

Bijoy B

HI I run the simulationbut can I get paper u referred for designing SMO or how smo was developed

Pete Baker

Hey ahmet nas, my teacher asked me to run this model without SMO. This means the rotor angle and the motor's speed must be feedback directly from the output of motor. I ran the simulation but it was not right. Can you run simulation the model without SMO and have a right result? And you can spend it to my Thank you very much!!!

ahmet nas

Firstly, It is better if you expand the definition of error you encountered. What kind of error? Compile error or Runtime error? If matlab returns error message before starting the simulation it is probably because of the powersim version. You can find it using simulink library browser to replace with older. It is a member block of Simpowersystems toolbox. If it is a runtime error, read the error message and follow the matlab instructions. Generally it is a discontinuities in the system's state variables at each time step and use zero-cross detection under the simulation parametersd menu.

I can run model without having such a problem by using 2012b version.

Pete Baker

Where is the power toolbox's powergui block?
I don't know it.

ahmet nas

Remove powergui block from model and later, add your simpower toolbox's powergui block.

Pete Baker

ahmet nas, i changed the name of folder that contained the file model so i opened the file model. But when i ran the simulation, the error appeared. Do you have error with your simulation?

ahmet nas

Pete, You could not open the file right. May be you can try a newer version.

Pete Baker

i don't open the file model.I'm using Matlab 2010b. Can someone answer why?

ahmet nas

Is there any one ho verify the model. According to my results, shaft speed has a sinusoisal characteristic.


Yehia (view profile)

pleas may I ask for the text equations for this model.
Yehia kabil


Yehia (view profile)

Can you please provide the reference that you used (IEEE paper or book) for this SMO based sensorless simulation model.

Manu Jain

Can you please provide the reference that you used (IEEE paper or book) for this SMO based sensorless simulation model.

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