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Differential Algebraic Equation Solvers

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Differential Algebraic Equation Solvers



A solves a set of differential algebraic equations f(t,y,y')=0 where y'=dy/dt.

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File Information

dae2.m solves a set of differential algebraic equations (DAEs)

f(t,y,y')=0 where y'=dy/dt
with a 2nd order method starting from y0 at time t0 and finishing at time tfin where tspan=[t0 t1 ... tfin].

The method will also work well for stiff sets of ODEs.

See pendrun.m, penddae.m & pendg.m for a pendulum example.

See dae4.m and dae4o.m for higher order accurate versions.


This file inspired Jean Le Rand D'alambert Reduction Method (Update:22 06 07).

MATLAB release MATLAB 5.2 (R10)
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Comments and Ratings (17)
29 Jan 2013 Christophe Lauwerys

Very nice.

25 Feb 2008 saidi abdelaziz

I need in my research the DAE model to apply in my power system test

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25 Aug 2007 gabriel Hidalgo

09 Apr 2007 alaa taha

thank`s for you

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08 Apr 2006 dsfdfd sdd

08 Apr 2006 ss ss

20 Mar 2006 An Jin

Thank you

01 Mar 2006 Vassili Pastushenko

Let p=dy/dx. Consider a single equation f(x,y,p)=0 (i.e. y=scalar) . Its general algebraic form (with respect to p) is


c(x,y)= row-vector of coefficients (1 by N>2, N being polynomial order), possibly functions of x,y.

P=p.^(N-1:-1:0)' = column of derivative powers

The equation c*P=0 solved for p has N-1 (more than one) roots.

The question: which of these roots will be selected and what are selection criteria?

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21 Apr 2004 yang ying

useful programme

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04 Mar 2004 jahan jahedpoor

I need this file
Please send for me
Thanks for help me

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30 Dec 2003 ¶­(dong) Õ׿¡(zhaojun)

Good job!
But if you can tell us the theory of the solver?

19 Nov 2003 hassan hijaizn

26 Oct 2003 phyllis ferguson

10 Jul 2003 puru premi

06 Jan 2003 Brankica Vracar

28 Nov 2002 nidhi sahu

08 May 2002

How does this compare to MATLAB's stiff ODE solvers?

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