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Fly a 747 with MATLAB: Shaky Camera Effect, Sound Effect

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Special effects added algorithmically



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This demo adds special effects to the example files submitted here:

1. To create the jerky camera effect, we named the Viewpoint node attached to the body frame of the aircraft and added shaky motion to using a MATLAB algorithm.

Learn more about the shaky camera technique:

You are could also experiment with other camera movement techniques.

2. To create the sound effect, we used System Objects(released in R2010a) from the Signal Processing Blockset. The sound plays within the same loop as the animation and gives you full control on how you want to customize this effect.

3. The world is modeled as two hemispheres-one textured with an image of the sky and one of the ground. This ensures that as the aircraft gathers altitude, you get a realistic view of the world below without any gaps.

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Wayne Gage

Remove the shaky effect for more realism.

Wayne Gage

I have flown large airplanes and there is no shaking about in the vision. The shaky effect subtracts from the reality.

Simulink Dude

Simulink Dude (view profile)

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Updated the files.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

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