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Rosin-Rammler Diagram plotting tool

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Rosin-Rammler Diagram plotting tool



25 Jun 2010 (Updated )

This tool plots the Rosin-Rammler Diagram (RRSB) and calculates various related parameters.

function functionNameClashCheck(optionName,optionValue,internalName,exceptionID)
% functionNameClashCheck Helper function that checks for name clash.
% If user sets option optionName (string) to an optionValue (function handle or
% string) that is the name of an internal helper function, this helper function 
% throws, as caller, an error with ID exceptionID (string) about a possible name 
% clash.

%   Copyright 2009 The MathWorks, Inc.
%   $Revision: $  $Date: 2009/07/06 20:45:57 $ 

% Flag that indicates if user-supplied function is of a supported type:
% function handle or a string
if isa(optionValue,'function_handle')
    validFcnInput = true; 
    optionValueString = func2str(optionValue); % needed for message    
elseif ischar(optionValue)
    validFcnInput = true; 
    optionValueString = optionValue;           % needed for message 
    validFcnInput = false; 
if validFcnInput && strcmpi(optionValueString,internalName)
    ME = MException(exceptionID, ...
        ['Function name clash with a Toolbox helper function: ' ...
         'use a name besides %s for your %s function.'],optionValueString,optionName);


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