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Rosin-Rammler Diagram plotting tool

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This tool plots the Rosin-Rammler Diagram (RRSB) and calculates various related parameters.



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MATLAB (R) tool for plotting Rosin-Rammler Diagram - a tool with GUI designed for creating Rosin-Ramler Diagrams, calculating Rosin-Rammler distribution parameters and size distribution values based on experimental data. It supports loading and saving experimental size distribution data sets as well as exporting the created graph into all the supported file types.
Rosin-Rammler Diagrams are mainly used to characterize size distribution of various materials.

For more information about algorithms used and RR Diagram itself, see following article:

Improving the effectivity of work with Rosin-Rammler Diagram by using MATLAB(R) GUI tool, Acta Montanistica Slovaca, vol. 15, no. 2, pp. 152-157, 2010

Supported by the Scientific Grant Agency (VEGA) of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic and the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Grant No. 1/0752/10.

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bhushan rane

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Code simplified. Now using only natural logarithm. Y-TickMarks calculated from Y-Ticks.
If anybody is interested (write a comment) in next version Y-Ticks could be editable from menu.


Acknowledgement added.


Description update


In description following link is added:

Onlineavailable article about algorithms used and basic info about RR Diagram (no instructions for using this tool).


Updated to version 1.0 (final)
- no bugs reported in previous versions
- added support for saving and loading to and from other than first sheet of xls file
- saving and loading options (in Edit window)


Added option to show % Passing on Y-axis


Added copyright and license notes to functions and published html file.


Updated to version 0.9

- added support for RR distribution parameters determination by equation fitting (optionally)
- fixed some bugs


Minor changes to html file

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)

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