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Gray image thresholding using the Triangle Method

Gray image thresholding using the Triangle Method



28 Jun 2010 (Updated )

Computes a threshold the Triangle method.

%Demo triangle_th.m performing gray image thresholding 
using the Triangle Method.
%The demo reads a RGB image of vegetation against soil background.
%This image is converted to a gray level image

%% Read image RGB image and convert to gray level
%Reads RGB
[lehisto x]=imhist(Ib);

%Show results
%Input image
subplot(2,3,1); imshow(Ib); axis off;  title('Input image');
%Binary image
subplot(2,3,2); imshow(I_bw); axis off; title('Triangle method');
%graythresh for comparison
subplot(2,3,3); imshow(im2bw(Ib,graythresh(Ib))); axis off; title('graythresh - Image Toolbox');
subplot(2,3,[4:6]); bar(x,lehisto); xlim([0 255]);
line([73 255],[4264 0],'Color','r','LineWidth',2);
line([79 79],[0 max(ylim)],'Color','b','LineWidth',2);
hold on;
plot(10,50,':w');  %Dummy point to make a 2 line entry in legend
line([126 126],[0 max(ylim)],'Color','g','LineWidth',2);
hl=legend('Data','Base line used in Triangle Method','Threshold by Triangle Method','(see triangle_th.m for details)','Threshnold by graythresh.m');

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