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3D Surface Plots from Excel Data GUI

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3D Surface Plots from Excel Data GUI



12 Jul 2010 (Updated )

Upload data from Excel and plot in 3D as a scatter plot, lsq curve fit, contour plot and others.

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Allows users to import data from excel and easily create 3D graphs in Matlab. Capable of exporting and importing Z axis matrices, exporting pictures of the graphs, automatic labeling of the surfaces, and tools for comparing two different surfaces. Can be used as a visual aid or for analysis.

 This GUI can be used for many applications in many industries. For example, it can be used to simplify and streamline the design process where the characteristics of a component in a system is highly nonlinear. Using least square fit algorithm, the jumble of data becomes an intuitive 3D surface which can be rotated and the optimal size/speed/etc. can be chosen.

Go from excel to Matlab to .png pictures in a matter of minutes.


Interpsinc.M inspired this file.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)
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02 Jul 2012 Mo

Mo (view profile)

When I run the MainGUI.m file, the GUI buttons do not seem to execute any commands, can anyone help, thanks.

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08 Apr 2012 College of Mechanical and Transportation

08 Oct 2011 Mr Smart

13 Jul 2010 Ying Hu

12 Jul 2010 1.3

-Added variable tolerance button

13 Jul 2010 1.4

-Created user-defined tolerance surface button
-Created custom colormap for combine surfaces button
-Rewrote "Excel Import FAQ" button

13 Jul 2010 1.5

Shout-out to Doug's Instructional videos

17 Jul 2010 1.7


18 Jul 2010 1.10

-Updated description

21 Jul 2010 1.11


10 Aug 2010 1.12


11 Aug 2010 1.13


22 Sep 2010 1.15


27 Oct 2010 1.16

-Cross-platform compatibility bug: the xlsread function works differently on Macs then on PC's. If you are using a PC and have issues, try saving the file in the .CSV format and modifying the code to look for and accept CSV data files.

16 Sep 2011 1.20

Deleted the xlsinfo functions which made this file not work on PC's. Now everyone can use it!

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