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Learning Kalman Filter Implementation in Simulink(R)

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Three different implementations of a kalman filter in Simulink(R).

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The models included shows three different ways to implement a kalman filter in Simulink(R). The first uses the kalman function in control system toolbox to design a steady state kalman filter. The second is an embedded MATLAB(R) block implementation. The third is an implementation is pure basic Simulink(R) blocks. The last two implementations include calculation of the kalman gain.
Use these models to learn about the kalman filter and how it can be implemented in Simulink(R). The filter is applied to a linear five-state dc motor model.

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how can we change this system to and exclusively control of the motor angel, thank you

Mohemed Aslam


thanks for help


ausin (view profile)

Smart, superb!

Hua Ji

Hua Ji (view profile)

thanks for the uploading, it is very useful.

Thank you for your sharing, thanks very much!


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MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

Inspired by: PID and State Feedback Control of DC Motors

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