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Highlighting Matlab files in Vim


Yaroslav (view profile)


20 Jul 2010 (Updated )

Highlighting Matlab m-files in Vim editor --- light- and dark colour-schemes.

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   Two colour scheme that resemble MATLAB's default with several additions (including light and dark background versions)

   These colour schemes are based on Ian Langworth's "tolerable.vim", and modified to resemble MATLAB's default colours on a light and dark backgrounds. The colours are easily distinguishable and best suited for MATLAB's purposes (see "group-name" for help, or Syntax/Highlight-test menu ":runtime syntax/hitest.vim").

   Included also an enhanced syntax files (based on Fabrice Guy's matlab-vim submission) to have the best experience with Matlab and Vim. Most of these files are slightly changed, so I have added all of them to the package. It is recommended to watch the original files as well.

   The files are best suited for the newest Matlab releases (2008a and later), but may be used with any Matlab 7.x release.

    Put this file in the users colors directory (default unix "~/.vim" or "$vim\vimfiles" on Windows systems), unzip and load with ":colorscheme matlablight" or ":colorscheme matlabdark"


Editing Matlab Files In Vim inspired this file.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.6 (R2008a)
Other requirements Vim 7.0
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Comments and Ratings (4)
16 Feb 2015 Yuan Wang

Pretty Beautiful! :)

17 Jan 2012 Joe Hays

Would you please consider making this a 'file type' plugin? That way the color scheme can be configured to only apply to .m files?

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27 Aug 2011 Peter

Peter (view profile)

Great work! I have been using it on SSH client for a long time. Thanks!

26 Oct 2010 Marc Sean

How to you apply this to vim in cygwin?

10 Feb 2011 1.4

- Refined Colours
- Added cterm colours
- Syntax file to visualize colours
- Added folding & spelling
- New mappings (see help file)
- Consistent colouring of blocks (try/end)
- Full list of MATLAB keywords
- Renewed colouring syntax

18 Feb 2011 1.5

* Added the MLint file for consistency
* A new screen-shot
* Additional minor changes

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