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Generate figures for Cleve's Corner on Compressed Sensing

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Demonstration of compressed sensing.

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The Fall 2010 issue of MathWorks News and Notes will include a Cleve's Corner colum entitled "Magic Reconstruction: Compressed Sensing". This program generates the figures for that article. The program requires Justin Romberg's code "l1magic", obtained from

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sonu bala

m not able to get l1 magic.n is it necessary to have MATLAB 7.10 .thanks


HUST (view profile)


ecit (view profile)

when I run the programm.hint"Undefined function 'l1eq_pd' for input arguments of type 'double'.

Error in Cleves_Corner_Compressed_Sensing (line 54)
x = l1eq_pd(y,A,A',b,5e-3,32);"

I think the reason is lack of the function lqeq_Pd.
could you tell me where is teh l1eq_pd?thanks!

jixian ?

A good demon for one who is interested on it.


Updated license


Correct typo in tags

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MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

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