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Temperature Control with the Use of PID

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Shows a simulation of the control of temperature with the use of a PID controller.



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This model shows a simulation of how temperature is controlled with the use of a PID (proportional-integral-derivative) controller.

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Saesun Kim

Thank you so much!

I cant open the downloaded file


sunhao (view profile)

marys thomson

marys thomson


asmaa (view profile)


I am student research in Master of Science in Computer Engineering.

I am need information from engineering to help me in some question needed in the research me.

I need information bout using simulink in matlab to control for baby incubator.


Thanks for sharing,man

Pierre Hubertin Andrianirina

Thank's for sharing !

Fahme Ayob

vimal kumar

not provided the working of the project

Zaenal Fanani

thank's for services

esmeralda duran


Jason James

Excellent Stuff! Thanks!

wesam sakallah

Hendra Hardiansyah


Elias Benamira

zgwu maymay


m l

is something wrong with the pid controller? when the derivative control is 1, the program seizes. also, the linearized model doesn't match the scope model.

Gaurav Joshi

this is very good for student

cupidon judikael

bonjour je voudrai avoir d'autre type de simulation de controle de temperature pour du fouil.en fait j voudrai simuler un régulateur de température le CHROMALOX 1610.merci de répondre au plus vite.sinon orienté moi sur d'autre site qui pouront m'aider.merci d'avance.

Trevor Snyder

Great thermal model showing PID control using hot and cold water. Great thermal startpoint for other applications

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