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OpenSURF (including Image Warp)

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OpenSURF (including Image Warp)


Dirk-Jan Kroon (view profile)


26 Jul 2010 (Updated )

SURF (Speeded Up Robust Features) image feature point detection / matching, as in SIFT

SurfDescriptor_DecribeInterestPoints(ipts, upright, extended, img, verbose)
function ipts = SurfDescriptor_DecribeInterestPoints(ipts, upright, extended, img, verbose)
% This function SurfDescriptor_DecribeInterestPoints will ..
% [ipts] = SurfDescriptor_DecribeInterestPoints( ipts,upright,extended,img )
%  inputs,
%    ipts : Interest Points (x,y,scale)
%    bUpright : If true not rotation invariant descriptor
%    bExtended :  If true make a 128 values descriptor
%    img : Integral image
%    verbose : If true show useful information
%  outputs,
%    ipts :  Interest Points (x,y,orientation,descriptor)
% Function is written by D.Kroon University of Twente (July 2010)
if (isempty(fields(ipts))), return; end

if(verbose), h_ang=figure; drawnow, set(h_ang,'name','Angles'); else h_ang=[]; end
if(verbose), h_des=figure; drawnow, set(h_des,'name','Aligned Descriptor XY'); end
for i=1:length(ipts)
   % Display only information about the first 40 points
   if(i>40), verbose=false; end
   % determine descriptor size
   if (extended), ip.descriptorLength = 128; else ip.descriptorLength = 64; end

   % Get the orientation
   if(verbose), figure(h_ang), subplot(5,8,i), end

   % Extract SURF descriptor
   if(verbose), figure(h_des), subplot(10,4,i), end
   ip.descriptor=SurfDescriptor_GetDescriptor(ip, upright, extended, img,verbose);

if(~isempty(h_ang)), figure(h_ang), colormap(jet); end

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