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This function provides a quick and easy way to save all current plots.



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This function is intended for people who plot lots of data and need a quick and easy way to save a large number of plots. When the function is called, it brings each open figure object to the foreground by calling its handle. This lets you see it. It prompts you in the main console window of Matlab to supply a filename. It then saves this figure with your filename using multiple file formats, and cycles to the next figure until all of the figures have been saved or skipped.

It has been designed to save in the following four formats:
-Matlab Figure (.FIG)
-Windows Enhanced Metafile (.EMF)
-Portable Network Graphics (.PNG)
-Enhanced Postscript Level 2 Color (.EPS)

These formats were picked to suit my particular needs. The .FIG lets you go back and change figures later in Matlab, .EMF is best for Microsoft Office programs since it is vectorized, EPS is best for LaTeX as a vectorized image, and PNG is good for general purpose use like websites. If you want different file formats it is easy to go into the code and either comment out undesired formats, or add new ones.

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Toby (view profile)


Toby (view profile)

Customizable non-interactive functionality added here:

Thiago Duarte

Thank you Matthew!


Matthew (view profile)

Thanks for the feedback guys, I see that a non-interactive mode would be useful.

Since I've moved to Python I don't even have Matlab installed anymore. So unless I get back into using Matlab I will not be making updates to this script.


TLJ (view profile)

Thanks for sharing your work, but as LubeF wrote, a non interactive mode would make it much better (for example, using the title of the figure if set, or fig# if not).

Lube F

Lube F (view profile)

this is a good idea but why not add a non-interactive mode that simply saves all open figs to a specified directory in the specified formats? This would be far more useful. cheers.

Thank you Matthew.


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