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Vibration of rectangular clamped thin plate

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Calculation of transverse displacement of thin plate that is subjected to harmonic point excitation



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The code demonstrates the application of the principle of virtual work for calculating the steady state transverse displacement of a rectangular clamped thin plate. It was based on a letter written by J. P. Arenas for the editor of Journal of Sound and Vibration (2003).

The GUI is designed to be simple. It contains some basic parameters, which can be easily modified, and a single pushbutton for executing the calculation. After brief processing time, the plate response is shown in a figure. Information on non-dimension frequency parameter is provided as well.

Similar to my previous codes, I am using a very plain way in writing the code. Comments are given here and there for making the code easy to understand. I will try to provide more explanation on the equations and the code later.

Anyhow, my simple wish is that someone could find the code useful :)

Thank you.

Developed by Agustinus Oey
Center of Noise and Vibration Control (NoViC)
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
Daejeon, Korea

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Hello ,
could you please upload Vibration of rectangular free-free thin plate.


Thanks Agustinus Oey for this very useful code. It works greatly with my expectations.

Also, thanks Gabriele for bringing up the non-dimensional natural frequency, that was helpful as well.


Very useful piece of code.
What I think is missing is the output of natural frequencies for the various modes in dimensional form.

According to the original reference, it seems to me that, if the line 349:


is subsituted by the following line:


which is equivalent to


then output frequencies are dimensional (in Hz).

It would therefore be very useful to have both outputs in the lower left listbox, i.e. nondimensional frequency and also dimensional (Hz or rad/s) frequency.


Uspana Ombre



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