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Watermark Project (Watermarking)

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An application that can be used to hide "ascii text" or "images" into another image using watermark

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An application that can be used to hide "ascii text" or "images" into another image using watermark.
Video Example of usage:

Watermarking Project. The documentation file is "documentation.pdf". If you need help contact:

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aisha hail

can you send me this code please?

Anandhi vad

Hi when i use your code, my watermark.fig doesnot have the option to type the image name (but in video there is a option to enter source image and output image. I am using MATLAB 8.5. What should I do

Lionel Ouei

Ria Paul

jie huang

Fatek Saeed

how can use Matlab for text watermarking...
I'm using R2017a version?
thank you

Hoang Duong

what is the algoritmo in the watermark image. Help me pls

Nisder Fiza

how to embed watermark on a picture by using matlab?

Can somebody please upload/comment an explanation of the algorithms used but in English? I can't understand the documentation file that's in Italian


If u have any query regarding ur project either mail at or, Kindly Spread it to Help Others.

Pratiksha M N

Time Complexity has to be reduced.


Edwin (view profile)

Francesco Pizzo

Francesco Pizzo (view profile)

@Eric you are right! If you read the algorithm details it's clear that the image must remain unmodified after that a watermark is applied. This is just a simple example and it's obvious that if you need also robustness you should hide the information in another way (for example using a bi-dimensional cosine transformation) ;)

Eric LePage

The program doesn't seem to work if 1) the numeric code is input, and 2) if the image is cropped in between watermarking and retrieval. At least my computer took ten minutes to work on a cropped image, before throwing an error. So if the scheme is meant to protect copyright, it can be defeated easily. If the coding scheme uses absolute position references, maybe it could be improved with relative positioning?

Francesco Pizzo

Francesco Pizzo (view profile)

@kostas Matlab 7.7 or grater

@Abra_dog it's a steganographic watermarking (the information is kept secret)


Lim (view profile)


kostas (view profile)

It has error. I have matlab 7.1.
Does it run only on 7.7?


Ftkh (view profile)

Abra dog

I don't quite understand this program. Am i suppose to be able to see the watermark?

Thang Minh


Sandeep Patil

Its a very good project, simple to understand, it cover watermarking and dewatermarking both which is not available in any sites.Good work.

Tanyer Alan

Tanyer Alan (view profile)

Anna DB

Anna DB (view profile)

a nice and simple program, a good starting point for the beginners to understand the basic principles of the watermarking technique.



Updated to include an App file for R2012b


Description's update


only a brief modify on description box


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only add a screenshot!

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