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Align Depth images with Corresponding Color Images

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This program aligns depth maps with their color images for Image Based rendering applications



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Depth image based rendering is a promising mechanism of 3D video representation. Misalignment of depth maps with their corresponding color image is a common problem in depth estimation techniques. This program is a basic code that implements a Joint Bilateral filter to align color images with the depth maps. The performance of the code depends on the key performance parameters that are identified, and these need to be adapted according to individual needs.

Please give your feedback and suggestions so that I may improve this code.

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I am not able to run your code, because I dont have 'Ballet40.yuv' input depth video and 'Ballet.yuv' corresponding color video for alignment. Could you please point me to the location for downloading these files.


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MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b)

Inspired by: Joint Bilateral Filter

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