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contourcs: to obtain contourc output as a struct array

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contourcs: to obtain contourc output as a struct array


Kesh Ikuma (view profile)


11 Aug 2010 (Updated )

contourc wrapper to return a struct array

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File Information

MATLAB CONTOURC returns a contour matrix that summarizes the contour lines. Although compact, it takes an extra step to decipher the matrix. CONTOURCS wraps CONTOURC function to return the content of the contour matrix as an easily accessible structure array.

S = CONTOURCS(Z) returns a struct array with fields:

   S(n).Level - level of the n-th contour line
   S(n).Length - number of points for the n-th contour line
   S(n).X - X coordinate vector (S(n).Length samples)
   S(n).Y - Y coordinate vector (S(n).Length samples)

CONTOURCS supports all the CONTOURC input argument forms.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)
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Comments and Ratings (13)
15 Feb 2017 José BOLIVAR

Thanks u

11 Dec 2016 Xiaoyi

Xiaoyi (view profile)

Very useful function.

16 Sep 2016 Christopher Thissen

26 Apr 2016 KTMI

KTMI (view profile)

A lovely little function. Thanks.

20 Jan 2016 Aaron

Aaron (view profile)

This makes thinks so much easier, thank you!

23 Dec 2015 Fabian Schrumpf

27 Aug 2013 Stephanie

23 Aug 2012 Franzi

Franzi (view profile)

08 May 2012 Jose Cardenas

Thanks!! good job

19 Apr 2011 Rodrigo

02 Feb 2011 Kelly Kearney

Kelly Kearney (view profile)

Works exactly as advertised, thanks.

11 Nov 2010 Seb Biass

Yes! Similar comment, you rule!

22 Oct 2010 Kevin J. Delaney

Genius! You were reading my mind--this is exactly what I needed.

11 Aug 2010 1.1

General Information edited

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