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Sugeno-type FIS output tuning

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Tunes linear parameters of Sugeno-type FIS output using various methods of solving linear equations



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The archive contains sugenotune.m which is used to tune Sugeno-type FIS outputs. The used methods are ldivide, Kalman filter, pseudoinversion, Kaczmarz algorithm, and gradient descent methods. Though the user can supply sugenotune.m with his own methods.

- FIS with multiple outputs is allowed;
- the tuning takes into account rule weights;
- the FIS outputs can be pure constant (all MFs are constant), pure linear (all MFs are linear) or mixed (some MFs are constant and the rest are linear);
- there is also sugenotunex.m available which is compatible with extended rule structure (see my submission with file ID 28393);
- see example1.m and example2.m for usage details.

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I have changed the algorithm of sugenotune(x).m, added another example, and updated submission description.


some remarks was added

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MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)

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