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McCabe-Thiele method GUI for Binary Column Distillation

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A GUI which makes a McCabe-Thiele plot for a binary column distillation.



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My first attempt at making a McCabe-Thiele program.

This program accepts user inputs on stream compositions & flow rates, stream enthalpies, fractional recovery & feed quality and returns a McCabe-Thiele plot for a binary column diistillation with the optimum feed stage and number of ideal stages.

There are a lot of features which do not work in this version but will be modified in future versions, the energy balance feature is somewhat buggy as well. At first I tried to make the program create & solve a system of non-linear equations based on user-inputs but I could not make that work correctly. A friend suggested I publish the initial version and get community feedback before continuing as progress has somewhat stagnated. Eventually the scope of the application will include other types of chemical process separations which use the McCabe-Thiele method as well as non-ideal separation equipment. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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