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Speeding Up Optimization Problems with Parallel Computing

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Speeding Up Optimization Problems with Parallel Computing


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Files from the webinar: Speeding up optimization problems with parallel computing

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make2plots(X1, Y1, Y2)
function make2plots(X1, Y1, Y2)
%  X1:  vector of x data
%  Y1:  vector of y data
%  Y2:  vector of y data

%  Auto-generated by MATLAB on 14-Feb-2007 22:37:24
% Copyright 2010 The MathWorks, Inc.

% Create figure
figure1 = figure;

% Create axes
axes1 = axes('Parent',figure1,'YGrid','on','XGrid','on',...
    'Position',[0.13 0.5838 0.775 0.3412]);

% Create plot
plot(X1,Y1,'Parent',axes1,'LineWidth',2,'Color',[0 0 0]);

% Create ylabel
ylabel('Plunge (in)','FontWeight','demi','FontSize',12);

% Create title
title('Open-Loop Response','FontWeight','demi','FontSize',12);

% Create subplot
subplot1 = subplot(2,1,2,'Parent',figure1,'YGrid','on','XGrid','on');

% Create plot
plot(X1,Y2,'Parent',subplot1,'LineWidth',2,'Color',[0 0 0]);

% Create ylabel
ylabel('Pitch (deg)','FontWeight','demi','FontSize',12);

% Create xlabel
xlabel('Time (s)','FontWeight','demi','FontSize',12);

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