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Rotor Dynamics toolbox (RotFE)

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Rotor Dynamics toolbox (RotFE)


Izhak Bucher (view profile)


Toolbox models rotating, elastic shafts with disks

function [wx,wy]=animate2(vx,vy,n)
% animate a complex mode shape for a vibrating system
% input :
%          v  -   complex (real) mode shape
%          n  -   number of devitions in a cycle (2*pi) [optional]
%  output :
%          w  -   a matrix of rotated & scaled mode shapes for plotting
%    USE   plot(w) to see mode animated

% bucher izhak  4/10/89

if nargin<3,n=8;end
dp=pi/n; vx=vx(:); vy=vy(:);
 wx=[];  wy=wx;
 for p=0:dp:pi*2
  wx=[wx v1]; wy=[wy v2];

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