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Rotor Dynamics toolbox (RotFE)

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Rotor Dynamics toolbox (RotFE)


Izhak Bucher (view profile)


Toolbox models rotating, elastic shafts with disks

% demonstrate building a rotor model (as a Matlab structure)
% and plotting it in (fancy) 3d plot
% By: 	Izhak Bucher
% Date:	8-June-2000
% How: 	Free for any non-profit use (no commercial use allowed)
%      As the author of this software I specifically object to
%      commerial bodies distributing this software from their  
%      WEB and forcing users to register.
% Where:

R.NODES=[0:.1:1];		% define nodal points for model
for q=1:length(R.NODES)-1	% construct element definition
   R.ELEMENTS=[R.ELEMENTS	% each line:
      % node1 node2  d_out d_in material_no
      q q+1 (1+q*(q<5)+2*(q>8))*20e-3 16e-3 1];
%               no   E   rho   nu   <== Material definition card
   R.MATERIALS=[1   2e11 7800 .3;  2 2e11/3 7800/3 .3];
   %        node  d_out d_in material_no  (DISCS... or DISKS)
   R.DISCS=[3 0.2 0.01 2e-2 2	
      8 0.2 0.01 2e-2 2];
   R.POINT_MASS=[7 2 ];		% define a point mass at node 7, m=2(kg)
   R.SPRINGS=[1 1e6 1e6 0 0	% spring at node 1 kxx=kyy=1e6; kxy=kyx=0
      11 1e6 1e6 -1e5 -1e5];
   %  use the model definition to plot the model
   % note that the springs are drawn ion the direction of principal axes
     disp('Hit any key for a section view'),pause

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