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26 Aug 2010 (Updated )

NRGSymphonieRead imports NRG Systems Symphonie data logger text files.

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NRGSYMPHONIEREAD imports NRG Systems Symphonie data files
 NRGSymphonieRead imports the text files produced from NRG Symphonie data logger. NRGSymphonieRead requires the Statistics Toolbox.
 usage: [site,data] = NRGSymphonieRead(FileName)
 FileName = name of file to import data from
 site = structure containing the site and channel meta data
 data = dataset array containing the collected data

This function is designed to read the text file output of the NRG Systems Symphonie Data Retriever, which is a conversion utility that to generate text files from the raw binary files from the data logger. The MATLAB function assumes that the text file is structured with many lines of header information followed by a delimited table of data below. The header information is separated into sections based off of dividers in the text file such as ‘-----Logger Information-----‘. The header information is stored at a MATLAB structure. The data table is assumed to start with the string ‘Date & Time Stamp’. The data table is stored in MATLAB as a dataset array. Even thought certain assumptions were made creating the NRGSymphonieReader, the function should also be useful as an example for creating similar functions for other text files with a header and data table. An example data file, names exampledata.txt, is provided as reference for those unfamiliar with this file structure.

Required Products Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)
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14 Sep 2010 Ameya Deoras

Ameya Deoras (view profile)

I like how I can modify this for other file formats. Thanks!

13 Sep 2010 1.1

I improved the method used to detect active channels.

01 Sep 2016

Updated license

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