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implementation of digital pulse compression using matlab

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The Main Objective of the project is to Design the Pulse compression filter(Matched filter)



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In Radars, range resolution and long range of operation are the two important aspects. Long range operation means the maximum distance over which radar can detect the targets. The radar transmit modulated pulses to take the advantages of better processing gain and resolution of these waveforms are compared to continuous wave pulse. Radar Echo of these modulated signals are received, it has to be processed in filter matched to the modulating waveform to get the best SNR gain at the output.
The matched filtering operation is done by Pulse compression filter. The matched filter is filter which gives best SNR (2E/N) by matching the transfer function of the filter with the time delayed version of the signal which is applied at the input of the filter. Designing of matched filter involves various DSP algorithms Such as Overlap add/save, FFT Correlation which employ FFT and IFFT.

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MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)
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