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Gabor filtering on an image

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Application of gabor filter on image

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Application of gabor filter on image

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mobin (view profile)


Malee (view profile)

sir i want to extract feature from videos and hence i need a filter bake at its input. can u suggest me,how should i start?

Qamar Samejo

how to apply gabor filter on chest x-rays image

Deepak Kumar Rout

Vatsala Singh
Download the files /gab/katrina.jpg

and run "gabor_program.m" in MATLAB

Vatsala Singh

How to watch this file?

anum eman

Arslan Ahmad

Deepak Kumar Rout

Its a discrete gabor filter. any thing you implement in matlab will be always discrete

Arslan Ahmad

is this a discrete gabor transform or continuous ?


vidya (view profile)

sir!! hello sir i am very new to matlab..i am working on gabor filter .could you please tell me what does the below 2 line perform
img_out_disp = sum(abs(img_out).^2, 3).^0.5;

%default superposition method, L2-norm

i tried it in MAtlab2009a and it works,
But some how i failed to got the out puts.
Could you tell me what should be the parameters. I may be wrong in giving the parameters value.

Deepak Kumar Rout

Mr Nishikanta Paik may be you are not keeing the main program and the function file in same directory or your download is some how corrupt

Deepak Kumar Rout

Mr Emrullah Acar to clarify you doubt please go through some papers on gabor filter for feature extraction

hello sir , i have studied your gabor filter m-file and i have doubts:
when i run it in matlab 2010a,then it shows
Mex file entry point is missing. Please check the (case-sensitive)
spelling of mexFunction (for C MEX-files), or the (case-insensitive)
spelling of MEXFUNCTION (for FORTRAN MEX-files).
??? Invalid MEX-file 'C:\Windows\system32\input.dll': C:\Windows\system32\ver.dll is not a valid Win32 application.


Error in ==> gabor_program at 16
sigma=input('Enter the value of sigma ');
could you help me in this step, please

Emrullah Acar

For example when I choose wavelenghts=[1,2] and orientation[0 30 60 90].That means 2*4=8 gabor filters for each image.I set M=16 and N=16.Finally I found 16*16 GT matrix for each Gabor Filter.Then,I calculated 3 statistical values such as mean,standart deviation and entropy for each filtered matrix.Since there was 8 gabor filters,totally 8*3 feature matrix were extracted from an image.Do you think it is a correct way?I mean,how can I evaluate feature vector from the image?

Deepak Kumar Rout

The results obtained in the program can classified by taking different values of a particular parameter. For example we can categorize images after filtering them with different values of theta. A group will consist only images filtered with theta equal to 30 another with theta 60.

I have a problem about commenting gabor results.I want to classify the images into 4 groups.Firstly,I used GLCM method for extraction image texture.And then I gave it ANN,k-NN and SVM.Instead of GLCM,I want to use Gabor Wavelet results.When I applied your code an image I found 64*64 GT matrice for each image.So,could you let me know how I can give these result into classifier input?


sandhya salve

Deepak Kumar Rout

the values of lambda, sigma etc are shown on the preview image associated with this download for more details on these parameters you can go through any ieee paper where gabor image filtering has been used

PUST rahman

Please show an example of typical value.
please mention the name of the variables like lamda, gamma etc. It is hard to understand when variables are used only instead of name.



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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)

Inspired: gaborfilter(I,Sx,Sy,fr,theta)

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