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animated-gif creator

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the program take set of images, and save it as an animated gif.

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This program creates a movie/slideshow from a set of images (BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG or GIF), and save it as an animated GIF file.
Notice that the quality an image may decrease due to the GIF format.

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Alex Zang

Thanks so much for the great work, also thanks @Meifeng Xiao for the correction, with which i can handle my tiff image smoothly.

Hao Zhang

really nice work

Yiqun Yang


Allan (view profile)

Thomas Sykes

Really nice good - good job!

Chenxin Chen

Very nice!


simple to use!

Meifeng Xiao

a useful code! Thank you! However there is something wrong when a series of grayscale images(the channels of grayscale images are 1). I recommand that add the code after Line 44 to deal with it.
[~,~,ch] = size(a);
if ch == 1 % 'a' is a grayscale image
a = repmat(a, [1, 1, 3]);

lukai zheng



chen chen

it is a perfect code!


Danny (view profile)

I'm converting from .png and the image quality is great. And the script is very easy to use, the added delay features are great too. Thanks and nice work!

Anjie Jiang

I converted all the .bmp files to .jpg and the problem disappears!
This animation generator is very easy to use and effective! Thanks very much!

Gene Der


Qianru (view profile)

Simple to use. Thanks a lot!


Hans (view profile)

JR King


Works very well, easy, simple to use, and gets the job done. I used high resolution bmps and saw very little if any loss in resolution A+!


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