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Tabular Expression Toolbox

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Tabular Expression Toolbox



23 Sep 2010 (Updated )

A tool for creating tabular expressions in Matlab/Simulink integrating checking with PVS and CVC3.

Tabular Expressions References

Tabular Expressions References


Tabular Expression Toolbox Publications

  • C. Eles and M. Lawford, "A tabular expression toolbox for Matlab/Simulink," NASA Formal Methods, LNCS Vol. 6617, pp. 494-499, Springer, 2011.

Background Information

Tabular Expressions have been around for many years, below are some papers discussing some of the fundamentals behind tabular expressions.

  • Y. Jin and D. L. Parnas, "Defining the meaning of tabular mathematical expressions," Science of Computer Programming, Vol. 75, no. 11, pp. 980-1000, 2010.
  • Parnas, D.L., "Tabular Representation of Relations", CRL Report 260, McMaster University, Communications Research Laboratory, TRIO (Telecommunications Research Institute of Ontario), October 1992, 17 pgs.
  • R. Janicki, D.L. Parnas, and J. Zucker, "Tabular representations in relational documents," in in Relational Methods in Computer Science, pp. 184-196, Springer Verlag, 1996.

Tabular Expressions in Industry

Tabular Expressions have been used in numerous industrial projects, below are some papers describing some of such projects.

  • A. Wassyng and M. Lawford, "Lessons learned from a successful implementation of formal methods in an industrial project," in FME 2003: International Symposium of Formal Methods Europe Proceedings (K. Araki, S. Gnesi, and D. Mandrioli, eds.), vol. 2805 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pp. 133-153, Springer-Verlag, Aug. 2003.
  • R. L. Baber, D. L. Parnas, S. A. Vilkomir, P. Harrison, and T. O'Connor, "Disciplined methods of software specification: A case study," in ITCC '05: Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Technology: Coding and Computing (ITCC'05) - Volume II, (Washington, DC, USA), pp. 428-437, IEEE Computer Society, 2005.

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