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Tabular Expression Toolbox

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Tabular Expression Toolbox



23 Sep 2010 (Updated )

A tool for creating tabular expressions in Matlab/Simulink integrating checking with PVS and CVC3.

System Requirements

System Requirements



  • Tested with Matlab Simulink 2011b, 2011a, 2010a, 2009b

Table Checking

  • The tool supports checking of table completness and disjointness through the support of external tools
  • This tool will work with either or both of the tools installed.
  • It is recommened that both tools be installed, as they are built on different technologies, and have different strengths and weaknesses.


  • CVC3 is supported for checking for completness and disjointness of tables
  • CVC3 can be downloaded from
  • Ensure that cvc3 is executable on the shell path.
  • CVC3 is available for Linux/OS X and Windows.

PVS (Prototype Verification System)

  • PVS is supported for checking for completness and disjointness of tables.
  • PVS is downloadable from
  • System has been tested on PVS versions 5.0, 4.2 and 4.1
  • Ensure that pvs executable is on shell path
  • Note: PVS is a Linux and MacOS X application and will not run natively on Windows.

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