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Tabular Expression Toolbox

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Tabular Expression Toolbox



23 Sep 2010 (Updated )

A tool for creating tabular expressions in Matlab/Simulink integrating checking with PVS and CVC3.

Creating a new Tabular Expression

Creating a new Tabular Expression



The table tool can be opened up from the Matlab environment, this allows users to create a table and generate an m-file function representing the tabular expression in the table.

To open up the Table Tool dialog click Start->Toolbox->Table Toolbox->Table Tool


To create a table block in the Simulink environement, open up the block library. Select the Tabular Expression Toolbox Library. From the Table Toolbox Library you should see A block Called Tabular Expression, Drag this block to a new or existing model to add a Tabular Expression. Double Click on the block in the model to bring up the Tabular Expression Dialog.

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