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image processing-zooming an image using Bilinear interpolation

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Bi linear interpolation method has been used here for zooming images by a positive integer factor.



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An image in your root directory can be zoomed by calling the above program.

*First try with a small image. Because when the image is smaller, program response quickly.

How to Run the Program

*copy bilinear_zoom.m file and the image file to your work directory.

*if the name of image in root directory is image.jpg and the zooming factor you expect is 5.

*run following code in command window.

*Use the enter key always, when the display does not show any change.

*If you want to know the the algorithm used refer-:

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Michael Chan

Michael Chan (view profile)

Hi Dimuthu,

I tested your version with Matlab's. However, this is the result:

Matlab inbuilt
PSNR (interpolatedImage: bilinear) = +29.00789 dB

Dimuthu's version
PSNR (interpolatedImage: bilinear) = +35.77969 dB

Error rate: 23.34466 %

Good work Dimuthu!

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MATLAB 7 (R14)

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