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Explode a structure

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Explode a multi-level structure to find the lowest level field.

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mystruc = expstruc(bigstructure);

Recursively expands the structure 'bigstructure' until data is found.

Returns a structure 'mystruc', containing two fields
1. 'name'; cell array of strings of the full name of the field
2. 'type' ; cell array of strings of the type of the field (double, logical, whatever)

Intended to be used with 'eval' for structure concatenation (code to follow).

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updated as of the 26th Feb 2012, version

Robert Cumming

Robert Cumming (view profile)

If you change the lines 34 and 37 to be:

mems = expstruc ....

then you dont need the global variable. :)



Removed the need for a global variable, using the method suggested by Robert Cumming.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.6 (R2008a)

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