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generalized fuzzy Hough transform

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Fuzzy version of the generalized Hough transform



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Noisy environments make difficult the pattern recognition tasks. In this sense, and due to the artifacts that are present in the acquisition process, the most of the biomedical images (i.e. coming from magnetic resonance tests) become noisy and it is complicated even to define a Region Of Interest (ROI) to work within.
The fuzzy Hough transform presented here implements a fuzzy version of the GHT that improves the pattern recognition results in the above referred biomedical images.
In addition to the code, some examples and demos about the 'gfht' performance of the automatic ROI identification on cardiac magnetic resonance images (CMRIs) are included.

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not a GHT, dont be cheated

Mary Yuan

Mary Yuan

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MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)

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