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Multiple data sets are managed and compared with the mouse, by shifting objects and axes

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> click and drag off of object to pan
> click and drag object to move it
> right-click to show/hide titles
> right-click to fit all plots in window
> shift-click to create zoom rectangle
> double-click to recenter
> mouse scroll wheel to zoom in/out
* note: some examples use 'hanning' from the Signal Processing toolbox, but these may be adjusted to work around if necessary.
* note: props to Paul S. Koch for the inspiration with uilineshift.m!

possible improvements, to be posted at a later release:

-ability to select and move multiple lines ('group')
-highlighting selected group
-optional legend, and selecting on plot from it
-plot scaling to account for very large plot lag
-saving shifted plot
-other suggestions are welcome (:

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Eliminated need for external 'uiextras' toolbox, though i would highly recommend the following for setting up GUI's:

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)

Inspired by: uilineshift

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