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face recognition

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face recogntion technology.



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face recogntion technology.

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ali jahangir

dear i need it can you send me


i need it

dear dud,

your program uncomplete,,,, can i received complete face recognition GUI with input image from webcam!!

dilip reddy

Hello arjun,

I am doing by B.Tech final year and i am working on a project(Class room attendance System). Which uses soft bio-metrics on top of face recognition. Can u please help me with your suggestion.

niki salian

hi Arjun...
Myself is srinivas. I'm currently working on Intelligent Attendance System. in which i need to detect the faces present in an image and note down the attendance. could u please send me some useful matlab code regarding this.
or atleast code for recognizing multiple faces in an image.
or else just suggest me any links or study materials if possible.

My mail id is:

lots of thanks in advance.



face recogntion technology

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MATLAB 7.1.0 (R14SP3)

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