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Hatched Lines and Contours

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Draw lines and contours with hatches on one side of the line.



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These routines allow easy plotting of lines or contours with hatches on one side. This line style is often used to represent a constraint, where one side of the line represents a no-go area.

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Rob McDonald

Theo - Quite correct, that is a bad habit left over from long ago.

Glad this was of use to you.


Theo (view profile)

Very helpful. The only question I had was, in the example.m code, you use "c1=ocontourc(x1,x2',con1',[0 1e6]);" Why [0 1e6]? Should this not be [0 0]? It creates some artifacts near the origin.

OUC Polar

matt dash

matt dash (view profile)



Added ocontourc, a version of contourc which always results in consistently oriented contours.


Finally added screenshot to show what this does.

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MATLAB 7 (R14)

Inspired: Carpet Plot Toolkit, The carpetplot class

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