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Move a 3D object with mouse in a traditional 4-view window

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Interactively move a 3D object anywhere in the 3D space with a mouse.



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TDFig is an interactive matlab GUI. It displays a 3D objects in the traditional 4-view window (top, front, right and camera).
It also allows users to grasp these objects and move them anywhere in the 3D space.

Just run:


and it will generate 4 spheres for demo.

Grasp and move the spheres in orthogonal windows (top, front, side windows) to see the effects. Any object being moved outside the window screen will be deleted.

I use spherical surf objects for demo. Actually, you also can generate 'slice' and 'patch' objects with primitive or irregular shape,and load them into TDFig.

Some buttons with special displaying options are on the right.

You can do any modifications on my code. Please remember to email to me when you find bugs or add on some interesting features.

Author: Wang Gang,

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A question.
the image is exporting it from somewhere?

Tom Branch

I am getting an error when grabbing a sphere for motion:
Field assignment to a non-structure array object.

Error in TDFig>startmovit (line 185)
gui.currenthandle = src;

Error while evaluating Patch ButtonDownFcn

Any thoughts?


Enf (view profile)


im577 (view profile)

how can i move a extracted object around in another image?



add 23304 in acknowledgement list

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MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)

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