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Computing the posterior balanced accuracy

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Computing the posterior balanced accuracy



A set of MATLAB functions for evaluating generalization performance in binary classification.

betasumcdf(x, alpha1, beta1, alpha2, beta2)
% CDF of the sum of two independent random variables which are distributed
% according to Beta distributions.
% Note: When computing multiple values at once, 'betaconv' contains a more
% efficient implementation.
% Literature:
%     K.H. Brodersen, C.S. Ong, K.E. Stephan, J.M. Buhmann (2010).
%     The balanced accuracy and its posterior distribution. In: Proceedings
%     of the 20th International Conference on Pattern Recognition.

% Kay H. Brodersen, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
% $Id: betasumcdf.m 8246 2010-10-22 13:28:23Z bkay $
% -------------------------------------------------------------------------
function y = betasumcdf(x, alpha1, beta1, alpha2, beta2)
    if ~(ndims(x)==2 && (size(x,1)==1 || size(x,2)==1))
        error('only implemented for onedimensional input');
    % Compute the PDF first (since we want the entire pdf rather than just
    % one value from it, using betaconv is computationally more efficient
    % than using betasumpdf)
    res = 0.001;
    c = betaconv(res, alpha1, beta1, alpha2, beta2);
    % Sum the PDF up to point x
    for i=1:length(x)
        idx = round(x(i)/res);
        if idx < 1
            y(i) = 0;
        elseif idx > length(c)
            y(i) = 1;
            y(i) = trapz(c(1:idx)) * res;

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