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Track, Collect And Tar Inputs And Outputs

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Track, Collect And Tar Inputs And Outputs


Michael Chan (view profile)


03 Nov 2010 (Updated )

Illustrates status tracking and collation of inputs and results. The package is tar'red for sending.

savefigs(imageResultRepository, imageFileType)
function savefigs(imageResultRepository, imageFileType)
% This function allows you to quickly save all currently open figures with
% a custom filename for each in multiple formats.  To use the function
% simply call savefigs with no arguments, then follow the prompts
% Upon execution this function will one-by-one bring each currently open
% figure to the foreground.  Then it will supply a text prompt in the main
% console window asking you for a filename.  It will save that figure to
% that filename in the .fig, .emf, .png, and .eps formats.  
% The formats that it saves in can be changed by commenting out or adding
% lines below.
% Copyright 2010 Matthew Guidry 
% matt.guidry ATT gmail DOTT com  (Email reformatted for anti-spam)

mkdir(imageResultRepository); % ensure that the repository exist

hfigs = get(0, 'children');                          %Get list of figures

for m = 1:length(hfigs)
    figure(hfigs(m))                                %Bring Figure to foreground
    % filename = input('Filename? (0 to skip)\n', 's')%Prompt user
    filename = num2str(hfigs(m));    
    filename = strcat(imageResultRepository, '\', filename);
    if strcmp(filename, '0')                        %Skip figure when user types 0
        saveas(hfigs(m), [filename imageFileType]);
        %saveas(hfigs(m), [filename '.fig']) %Matlab .FIG file
        %saveas(hfigs(m), [filename '.emf']) %Windows Enhanced Meta-File (best for powerpoints)
        %saveas(hfigs(m), [filename '.png']) %Standard PNG graphics file (best for web)
        %eval(['print -depsc2 ' filename])   %Enhanced Postscript (Level 2 color) (Best for LaTeX documents)

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