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Read Medical Data 3D

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Read Medical Data 3D


Dirk-Jan Kroon (view profile)


10 Nov 2010 (Updated )

GUI to open most Medical file-formats: Dicom, V3D, ISI, NifTI, Analyze and other formats

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function V = gipl_read_volume(info)
% function for reading volume of Guys Image Processing Lab (Gipl) volume file
% volume = gipl_read_volume(file-header)
% examples:
% 1: info = gipl_read_header()
%    V = gipl_read_volume(info);
%    imshow(squeeze(V(:,:,round(end/2))),[]);
% 2: V = gipl_read_volume('test.gipl');

if(~isstruct(info)) info=gipl_read_header(info); end

% Open gipl file

  % Seek volume data start
  if(info.ImageType==1), voxelbits=1; end
  if(info.ImageType==7||info.ImageType==8), voxelbits=8; end
  if(info.ImageType==15||info.ImageType==16), voxelbits=16; end
  if(info.ImageType==31||info.ImageType==32||info.ImageType==64), voxelbits=32; end
  if(info.ImageType==65), voxelbits=64; end

  % Read Volume data

  if(info.ImageType==1), V = logical(fread(fid,datasize,'bit1')); end
  if(info.ImageType==7), V = int8(fread(fid,datasize,'char')); end
  if(info.ImageType==8), V = uint8(fread(fid,datasize,'uchar')); end
  if(info.ImageType==15), V = int16(fread(fid,datasize,'short')); end 
  if(info.ImageType==16), V = uint16(fread(fid,datasize,'ushort')); end
  if(info.ImageType==31), V = uint32(fread(fid,datasize,'uint')); end
  if(info.ImageType==32), V = int32(fread(fid,datasize,'int')); end
  if(info.ImageType==64), V = single(fread(fid,datasize,'float')); end 
  if(info.ImageType==65), V = double(fread(fid,datasize,'double')); end 


% Reshape the volume data to the right dimensions
V = reshape(V,volsize);

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