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JPEG compression

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A program in order to see how the JPEG method works.

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Look at the effects of JPEG compression on images, choosing between 8 compression levels, and obtain a comparison between uncompressed and compressed images. You can also generate the cosine transform of the compressed image.

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Pratiksha M N

very good anna db
how can decoding this??

Anton Semechko

Anton Semechko (view profile)

Could be useful if the code was commented in English

Anna DB

Anna DB (view profile)

in this line you are declaring an inline function where the independent variable is "x". If i remember well you should call it writing fun(par) where par is your value, in this case a vector i suppose, because the formula looks like a matricial factorization.
the function will calculate T*par*T' :)


krist (view profile)

Thanks Anna DB.
Anyone tell me what this command do


I'm newbie on Matlab and I need to understand this code...

Anil Sharma


ege yag

Well-done,it's very useful.

Francesco Pizzo

Francesco Pizzo (view profile)

good work!

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