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Double Sideband Amplitude Modulation

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Double Sideband Amplitude Modulation



This File gives a DSBAM output, a prerequisite before going for SSBAM

% Program for DSB-AM
% See also SSBAM
function DSBAM
td = input('\nEnter the total Signal Duration\n\n  ->');
ts = input('\nEnter the sampling time for this signal and it should be less than 1\n\n  ->');
fc = input('\nEnter the carrier frequency of the cosine wave\n\n  ->');
k =  input('\nEnter the constant multiplier\n\n  ->');

fs = 1/ts ;
t = 0:ts:td;
t2 = int64( (t/ts) +1 );
m(t2) = input('\nEnter the msg signal as a function of time "t" \n\n  ->');

c = cos((2*pi*fc*t));
u(t2) = (1+k*m(t2)).*c;


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