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color image segmentation

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color image segmentation


Su Dongcai (view profile)


24 Nov 2010 (Updated )

segment color image robust to texture

function u=diffusion_scheme_2D_rotation_invariant(u,Dxx,Dxy,Dyy,dt)
% Most diffusion discretizations are not rotation-invariant, probably
% because they depend on a 3x3 stencil. 
% This is an implementation of "A Scheme for Coherence-Enhancing Diffusion 
% Filtering with Optimized Rotation invariance" by Joachim Weickert. 
% Which is a basic and understandable direct discretization of the 
% diffusion equation, which corresponds to a 5x5 stencil.
% Function is written by D.Kroon University of Twente (September 2009)

Dxx=repmat(Dxx,[1 1 size(u,3)]);
Dxy=repmat(Dxy,[1 1 size(u,3)]);
Dyy=repmat(Dyy,[1 1 size(u,3)]);


%% 3 : Calculate the flux components
j1 = Dxx .* ux + Dxy .*uy;
j2 = Dxy .* ux + Dyy .*uy;

%% 3.5 Flux on boundaries to zero
j1(1,:,:)=0; j1(end,:,:)=0; j1(:,1,:)=0; j1(:,end,:)=0;
j2(1,:,:)=0; j2(end,:,:)=0; j2(:,1,:)=0; j2(:,end,:)=0;

%% 4 : Calculate ... by means of the optimized derivative filters
du = derivatives(j1,'x')+derivatives(j2,'y');

%% 5 : Update in an explicit way.


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