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Inverse kinematics for a 3DOF robot arm. Authors: Michael Miranda and Renato Salinas

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Find the spatial location and angle of each axis articulator.



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Uses optimization to find the spatial location of each axis articulator. The program contains innovative algorithms for finding the angles between the links.

As a working point and length of links to determine the angles of rotation of each of the unions.

The mode of application is accessing "Item Settings" starting values for optimization, this is obtained the final values and angles between links. To plot the points, angles and links to press "vector graphics."

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jatin patel

There is an error in code.
what should I take as P1 as it is not defined in program??
thank you,
Jatin Patel

Always require an electronic interface between the PC and the servo motor. There are some electronic circuits for serial and parallel port pc, but the complexity suggests the use of microcontroller. I can suggest you use arduino, there is very helpful and easy programming.
Arduino is connected to pc via USB (virtual serial port) and a serial port in matlab.

fremond khoo

excuse me author..

i would like to ask a question as this is very much urgent for me..please help me out here..

now i need to program both of my stepper motor to move to a desired position without the help of a that possible with just using matlab GUI??..

thanks a lot in advance

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