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Telemetry on a PC Game in Real Time

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This function take the variables like acceleration, gear, speed, temperature, time and some other.



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This function has been made to check a simulator of automobile race and to control this. This function take the variables from a game like acceleration, gear, speed, temperature, time and some in real time (small latency but no evaluate).The game compatible are GTREvo and Race07.

The varibles are: UserInput6, Rpm, MaxEngineRPM, FuelPressure, Fuel, FuelCapacityLiters, EngineWaterTemp, EengineOilTemp, EngineOilPressure, CarSpeed, NumberOfLaps, CmpletedLaps, LapTimeBest, LapTimePrevious, LapTimeCurrent, Position, NumCars, 18,'Gear, Tirefrontleft3, Tirefrontright3, Tirerearleft3, Tirerearright3, NumPenalties, CarCGLoc3, Pitch, Yaw, Roll, Lateral, Vertical, Longitudinal, LocalAcceleration3.

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Nicolas (view profile)

Thanks, I see there is some people interested. There is a lot of time that I haven't used this function.
Did you have compile the file "GTR2.cpp"? ("mex -setup" and "mex GTR2.cpp")
The file "*.mexw32 or 64" is in your folder?

Let me know.



Why have an error when i run this prog?? It states:

Error in S-function 'Function_Game_Telemetry/S-Function': S-Function 'GTR2' does not exist.

Can you help me please



Add: "Help for game config.txt" and change in "GTR.cpp" : #include "stdafx.h" to //#include "stdafx.h"

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