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Speech Spectrogram

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High quality speech spectrogram plot generation routine



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Takes a vector containing audio data samples as an input, computes short-time Fourier transform (STFT) and plots the STFT power spectrum trajectories across time.

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mehmet kavruk

Naman Gogia

Naman Gogia


Sha (view profile)

Hi, How do you choose the vector of spectrogram limits?


gbernardi (view profile)

I really like the visual result of your function. I have a question, though:
where does that black dots grid-like superimposed to the spectrograms come from?

Kamil Wojcicki

Kamil Wojcicki (view profile)

Hi Alecsander, you can pass color map as one of the inputs to the myspectrogram method. In the test_myspectrogram.m try, f.e.,

myspectrogram( speech.(method), fs, [22 1], @hamming, 2048, [-59 -1], false, 'hot', false, 'per' );

Alternatively you can specify color map for the current figure after calling the myspectrogram method, e.g.,

myspectrogram( speech.(method), fs );
colormap hot;
%colormap jet;

See also

Very nice and works well.
I'll appreciate if it could support color spectrogram.

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MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

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