Units Conversion Toolbox


John McDermid (view profile)


04 Dec 2010 (Updated )

This toolbox attaches units to Matlab variables and enables unit conversion.

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Physical Constants

Physical Constants

There are several physical constants that have been included in the conversion tables. Unit names appear in curly braces.

              {'c'}                  the speed of light in a vacuum
              {'g'}                  acceleration due to gravity
              {'e'}                  charge on an electron
              {'me'}                 mass of an electron
              {'mp'}                 mass of a proton
              {'Planck','h'}         energy expended over time
              {'alpha'}              fine structure constant
              {'R'}                  gas constant
              {'Avogadro','NA'}      Avogadro's number
              {'muZero'}             magnetic permeability of free space
              {'epsilonZero'}        dielectric constant of free space

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